​Answer the questions not highlighted by using the SEC websites 10K.

Answer the questions not highlighted by using the SEC websites 10K. Dont include any of the numbers for these questions just summarize the parts of the 10K that apply to the questions. Highlighted parts only need to be revised and put together. Follow these guidleines:1.Table with 5 years of ratios w industry averages.2.Ratios on each table include profitability sales salads growth GPM, ROS, ROA, ROE. Asset Efficiency, Accounts Recivable Turnover it Days on Hand, Inv, TAT, or PLE Liquidity Leverage working capital or current ratio, Debt-Equity, Debt Ratio Times interest Earned Cash Flow- All 3 ratios3-WRITING is short and Curt-get to the point4-No personal pronouns and no “the company”5-No quoting the 10K6-Need a 1 sentence Note about industry averages7-Do not define the ratios or categories8-Most important aspect, answer WHY9- when writing- work line by line down the table and within each line, you work year by year10- Always discuss all 4 sales growth RatioThese are only guidelines every guideline does not have to be used for every question.

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